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Safe Kids Spaces

SKS - A community company designing children's online safety, wellbeing and sovereignty technologies. Safeguarding children's virtual-to-real world journey is our Mission.

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Q: Why?

A: Child exploitation is a pandemic.

The criminals & abusers willing to exploit children are a percentage - of - population problem & found in every walk of life. Our children's welfare systems are now overwhelmed (.gov stats) & police are calling for a cultural evolution to keep our children safe, (UK PD Report p86).

A: Children's psychology is being hijacked.

Children's best interests are not being served by the big tech companies that regard them as a future commodity. Mental health disorders & self harming has grown directly in line with the uptake in mobile devices & the internet, (study review). 



SKS is a Verified - Parent - Only - Community company (VPOC), designing systems & AI technologies to help resolve child exploitation issues. The VPOC's 51% stake in SKS creates a collectively intelligent motivated network, while the 49% share provides agility in funding to keep pace with the technologies that could hurt children.

The mission is to secure our children's online sovereignty & help them & their parents safely navigate the journey into the real world. 

The journey to protect children online

- Polygraph all key SKS safeguarding & coding personnel. 

- Launch VPOC portal to regulate the company & child safe technologies.

- Launch junior wellbeing, location & online safety education app.

- Feedback mental health & online safety data to VPOC & NHS.

- Launch always-on Ai-Parent app.

- Integrate teens social elements in accordance with VPOC's wishes.


Secure kid's virtual-to-real-world journey

Over 50 quasi neighbourhood watch & paedophile exposer groups provide up to 50% of the evidence that convicts UK child abusers. These groups must be understood, developed & integrated with national authorities. Ensuring the law is maintained, motivated people & skills are retained & information is shared. SKS will lobby to integrate & share offender location data with SKS location data.


Stop the abuse before the journey begins

To protect children at home where they should always be safe, we will release an Ai-Parent app. Akin to having an Alexa on your child's phone, this AI is a virtual version of you, listening & advising your child, the way you would want when you can't be there. Trained by child psychologists & you & your children's interactions as your family evolves, the data belongs to the parents & children, not the big tech companies.

@ Home



Well-being & Online Safety

Fun, well-being apps use characters, Ai - Parent avatars & rhymes to instil positive breathing techniques, mental health & online safety. Feeding back data to the SKS community (VPOC) & NHS helps all understand children's online mental development, whilst securing their safety.

More info

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Ai-Parent Mockup.png

AI Parent

As parents we can't be there all the time, but in an age where criminals & abusers can contact our children online, outside & @ home, we worry when we are not. The

AI-Parent app will use all the device's onboard microphones, cameras & speakers to understand who & what your child is interacting with, off & online. AI-Parent is advising & alerting both the child & parent to help avoid abusers & maintain healthy family connections.

More info

Safe social interaction for kids

We are developing secure kids's social apps that require parent only authentication and that will evolve with the child - parent relationship. Zero-ad apps & games will provide fun first steps, through to adolescence when children will naturally want to fly the family's interactive nest. A backend parent app provides line - of - sight to your kids' interactions & AI to help families & kids safely navigate their online journey into the real world.

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About Us


We are motivated by our children and their future

Our people are ex Formula 1, MoD, Police, Social Care & IT professionals dedicated to stopping child abuse. SKS look to action any novel or transferable resource that can bring about positive change.


The human damage is immeasurable and the cost is already unsustainable. The impact to the UK treasury is over 10 billion a year & rising.




SKS are currently in start up & will try to answer all communications. Our VPOC company portal & Q&A section will be available soon.


If you are motivated by similar child protection & wellbeing missions, please get in touch.

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